Auth Control Sentry™

Intelligent Risk Based Authentication with a nuanced  approach to remote access and security

Swivel Secure offers a wide range of authentication factors, allowing the use of 2FA and Image based authentication. Tailor your solution around your user’s needs, your security policies and your budget.

Gives an optimal user experience whilst enforcing strict security policies. Our unified access approach simplifies the sign-on process with a single source of access for your enterprise.

The User Portal supports basic self administration tasks to save on the overhead and maintenance costs of an authentication solution, which would otherwise typically involve a help-desk call.

Easy End-user Data Access, not Easy Access for Hackers!

A range of static and dynamic risk-based capabilities ensure optimal user experience without compromising efficiency or security.

To simplify administration and your users’ lives, Art IT Solutions  provides a seamless and unified approach to authentication. Using our login portal, all authentication requests can be routed and controlled via our Unified Login Page based on risk policies that you define. The result is a more secure, multi-layered verification, with transparent user friendly delivery.

A customised approach to data security

AuthControl Sentry is a truly versatile choice for your data security needs. It offers the only solution in the marketplace that has both full two-factor and strong Image based authentication.

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Auth Control Cloud

Dedicated Cloud Offering

The only real dedicated cloud offering on the market, AuthControl Cloud ensures you do not have to share your virtual space. We provide a dedicated virtual machine to each of our customers.

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